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Thank you for doing the resurrection eggs with the kids. My daughter was so excited to show me that we had to stop and sit outside the classroom so she could show me each one and tell me the entire Easter story! She carried those eggs around all afternoon and even took them to church last night to share with her class.  You’ve clearly made the story come alive for her and I’m so humbled and grateful. Please extend my thanks to Mrs. Hanenburg too!
Yvette N.
Grace changed my life. Before I was born, God knew me, my story and what would happen to me. He knows the impact of grace. Grace changes everything. Grace pours forth light into darkness. Grace showers joy upon deep sorrow and sadness. Grace fills in all the empty crevices no one ever sees. Grace allows freedom to those enslaved by impossible situations.
It is by no accident that this school has “Grace” for its name. And I count it a momentous gift to say I had the privilege of attending Grace Community Christian Academy from preschool through 8th grade. Additionally, I attended Sunday services with the Church and weekly youth events for many many years. This school, and the people who have steadily invested their lives, is permeated by the Spirit of God has been a leading factor in my personal spiritual, social, and educational nourishment. I am grateful for the many years of experiences I have had at this school. From playing sports (and winning championships), dissecting objects with Mr. Saunders, attending chapel services, field trips, making new friends (not often can people say they’re STILL great friends with 15+ people from their kindergarten class!), running with Mrs. DV, going to science camp, class Disneyland trip, all these memories are what we as students take with us when we graduate and move forward. But what some people probably don’t talk about first are the little things… Like the smell of a classroom on the first day back from summer break, running to recess with your friends, reading books on the amphitheater and listening to the leaves in the trees overhead, or the excitement of competing with your teammates and hearing Mr. DeJonge’s voice bellowing over the cheers and the gym floor squeaks. These types of experiences are what make life rich and full. Abundant life is what God came to give us and I am joyfully confident that I have had such a full life thus far. Grace has been a steadfast piece in my life.
I avoided writing this letter for a long time because I did not know how to begin. At the end of a long day, I find myself simply reflecting on where I’ve come from. And Grace Community Christian Academy was there from the start. I thank God because of His great goodness to allow me to have such a beginning.
How beautiful a picture that I am one of MANY to have been so touched by Grace. Blessings to you who read these words, may the freedom and joy of the Gospel be with you today.
Lauren S.
My grandson is in second grade at your wonderful school. On Saturday, March 12th, I had a very bad heart attack. I was released from the hospital on Tuesday and am on my way to a full recovery. I was able to speak with my grandson a few days later on the telephone, at which time he advised me that, “we prayed for you at school.” I wanted to thank you and tell you how wonderful and comforting that was to hear. What a very nice thing to do, both for myself and for my grandson. I have been told repeatedly how lucky I am to still be here, but I think we all know that luck had nothing to do with it. Many thanks from me to you and your staff for your caring and the power of prayer. Bless you all.
Sandy W.
When we first stepped foot on the Grace campus it was evident we were in God’s house. We had come from another school and were already a month into the fall semester. The office staff absolutely blew us away with their warmth and welcoming spirit. We met with the principal and felt like we had finally found a director who listened to our needs and approached education with a balance of strong curriculum in mind and a sincere love of children. We can now say we feel that we have found a family in Grace and feel confident our children are being prepared for a strong future.
GCA Parent
The Lord put it strongly on my heart to model for our students to give back when the Lord blesses. From our book fair profits, we gave $250 worth of children’s books to the New Life Pregnancy Center at Rio Vista Center in South Phoenix to give new mothers books to read to their babies and other siblings. Our school has partnered with Rio Vista Center for food drives, service projects, and fundraisers over the years…
Mr. Sean Lynch, Faculty
Dear families of Grace Christian Academy. Thank you so much for the wonderful donations of books. They were given to children whose moms attend parenting class. The kids loved them! Here are a few notes of thanks from the moms. God bless you for your support!” ~Julie Baraza “I wanted to stop by and thank you for all the loving and caring you do for this Center. We truly appreciate it.
Yasbek R., Rio Vista Center, New Life Pregnancy
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