About GCA

Faith is Our Foundation.

About GCA

The Mission of Grace Community Christian School is to partner with families in Growing students who live Christ-honoring lives and flourish Academically.


The VISION of GCS is to educate and equip students through a Biblical worldview, to succeed in a competitive academic environment, use their unique skills for God’s glory, and live a Christ-centered life.


The MISSION of GCS is to provide an exemplary educational program rooted in Biblical principles for preschool through 8th grade students.  Comprehensive curricular and co-curricular programs will provide an emphasis in core subject areas preparing students for the high school of their choice, while enhancing academic achievement with elective opportunities that explore students’ God-given talents.  Learning will be led by passionate, skilled, and adaptive teachers advancing student success by using both qualitative and quantitative assessment tools.  Students will learn the story of God and His reconciliation of man to Himself through Jesus Christ and how to live a life that glorifies God.


Grace Community Church opened a Preschool in 1967 called Grace Community Children’s Center. Many of the parents of the preschoolers made inquiries about beginning an elementary school to continue their children’s Christian education.

In 1975, Grace Community Church met that challenge by starting a grade school, (Grace Community Christian School) which has now grown into a K-8 academic school with approximately 300 students including Preschool students.

Christian Life Perspective

GCS recognizes God as the creator of all things, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of all who acknowledge Him as Lord.

Our general purposes are:

1. To present to our students the truth about God, about life and living, about our world and everything in it, about the nature of man and how to love all people through Christ.

2. To present the Word of God as the authoritative source upon which to build a life that has purpose and meaning.

3. To uphold the sanctity of our homes and the sacredness of our churches.

4. To inspire in students a system of values consistent with the Word of God.

5. To prepare our students with the basic tools of learning in preparation to be God’s representatives in society.

6. To instill in students a strong love for our country.

We believe that each student is uniquely created by God as a physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual being, and is endowed with particular talents.

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GCA is committed to providing a Biblical worldview for all students, partnering with families to provide an excellent educational experience. 

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